At Senior Living Advisor, we know that you will only truly be comfortable making a decision regarding senior housing and elder care for your loved one when you feel you've been listened to and have had your questions answered. While every family's needs are different, we do hear certain questions that are common to many in need:

I've seen ads on TV for other senior service providers. How is Senior Living Advisor different?

At Senior Living Advisor, we don't try to be like the "big guys". We differ in three significant ways: 1) We listen, 2) We take it personally, and 3) We are completely independent.

Is Senior Living Advisor a full-service senior care agency?

We don't provide direct in-home or other elder care services. Rather, we provide consultation that focuses on helping you and your family find the best Indianapolis and Central Indiana senior living facility where your senior loved one can thrive. We adapt our standard bundle of services to your specific needs and offer expanded consultation and access to key resources.

My senior parent insists on living independently. Can Senior Living Advisor help me convince them to move into assisted living?

At Senior Living Advisor, we understand that this is a common challenge for family caregivers and those looking out for the best interest of senior parents. There are many factors that come into play with these discussions and decisions; ultimately, your family will need to reach agreement on what is best for your elder parent. What we can do at Senior Living Advisor is to meet with, and listen to, your senior to learn about specific needs and concerns. Then, after we have researched and determined a shortlist of senior care facilities that would be good alternatives for your loved one, we will accompany them on site visits to help explain the benefits of such living arrangements.

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